I’m Lexi


Ever wish you could just make your photos just come out the way you want? Awesome! Because that’s my specialty.

I’m Lexi…professional photographer and classroom photo educator for the last 15 years.

I take all the [not so] scary parts of learning the camera and finding better workflows and break them down into very manageable pieces of information. 

Using a tried-and-true approach (remember I teach high school students who never put down their phones) to make your camera work for you, so your incredible vision becomes front and center and you can stop worrying about the little things and pay attention to all the great things that photography will bring to your life.

Because the camera and editing are only tools in sharing your unique vision with the world.

hello lovelies!

my story


and also meets necessity

So imagine for a minute you are a broke college student (I bet you don’t actually have to imagine that last part from your own life story) and post graduation you get hired for a VERY part time photography teaching position. You’ve dreamed of this moment for years…but it’s literally 2/5th of the job you wanted. So what do you do? You start your own business, obviously.

Well, at least that’s what I did


I get that.

I was working teaching only 2 classes a day at a high school. The classroom was wonderful—an amazing place where I felt alive and loved what I did—but it was not covering my bills. So I took a tiny part time gig I had second shooting for another photographer and turned it into a FULL FLEDGED business in less than a year. I went from launching my website to booking 22 weddings the following year. Like whoa!

So my life now consisted of clients, workflow, cameras, and teaching photography Every. Single. Day. And so over those first few years I created a pretty foolproof post processing system to make my business run smoothly, and figured out how to teach students who had never even seen a camera, let alone actual film.

So if I can do that, I promise you that you can too. 

and I can show you how.


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