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If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about your camera and photography, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been teaching photography since 2006 (that’s over 15 years) and I have learned plenty in that time. I started out as a part-time secondary photography teacher and at the same time quickly turned a tiny side hustle as a wedding and portrait photographer into a successful full-time business. You can see that work by clicking here. Once I went full time with teaching I continued my photography business (if you’re following the timeline you realize that I have 2 full time jobs now) so my photo knowledge is both in the classroom and in real-life application.

I started this blog to share all my knowledge with readers like you! It has allowed me a place to encourage novice photographers to find a way to explore their artistic vision and with photographers who want to start to make money with their photos by way of a new business. 

photo of the free learn how to use your camera email course

With this in mind, I created a 6-day entirely free email course. I show you exactly how to use other options on your camera instead of the automatic or program modes (it’s easy – trust me!) to create the images you’ve always dreamed of.  I don’t get into manual mode in this quick course, but with a few different tweaks (i.e. different shooting modes) you’ll already start to see results with your camera that you didn’t think possible. This free course will help you explore the different settings on your camera to create different effects for your images. Here’s a quick outline of what you will learn:

– Day 1: Introduction to shutter priority mode

– Day 2: Introduction to aperture priority mode

– Day 3: How to determine which setting to use

– Day 4: How to capture more advanced movement

– Day 5: How to capture shallow depth of field

– Day 6: Troubleshooting common problems.

Plus, much more as I’ll send periodic emails after the 6 days filled with great tips on photography!

Want to learn your camera for free? Enroll in the free course below.

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I am a professional photographer & photo educator. I’m here to share with you my best (and easiest) tips and tricks for taking amazing photos. I’m sharing years of knowledge as a teaching artist to help you find a way to share your unique point of view with the world. Welcome to The Photo Method.

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Just got a new camera and wondering where you should start with your camera settings? This free guide gives you all the recommended settings when you are just starting out—from focus modes, to ISO, to getting off auto mode. These are the settings I have given my students for 15 years…I promise they work!

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