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How to Learn Photography in weeks…not years. Even if you just have an entry level camera & lens. 


This week of free training videos goes over my tried and true framework to learn photography…fast! 

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THIS free training?

  • 3 quick lessons on the pillars for learning photography 
  • How to turn off a certain auto settings in your camera that will make a world of difference in your photos (plus a cheatsheet)
  • Easy to understand ways to control the white balance in your camera (plus a download)
  • Editing techniques for those who are scared to use editing software (or are just overwhelmed by it)


I’m Lexi

A chocolate lab lover and self-proclaimed cheese addict. I’m obsessed with HGTV home shows, the scent of french lavender, and traveling to all the places.

I’ve been a professional photographer for the last 17 years, and I’ve spent much of that time also teaching photography in a high school classroom. I have a passion for helping people find their voice with photography so they can make their camera work for them—either by running a business or just by finding joy in the process of creating

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