How to take amazing photos while traveling


I am beyond excited to share this blog post today. One of my favorite things is being able to take amazing photos while I am traveling. Sometimes it’s even just with my iPhone (gasp). But I am going to share with you my favorite gear and a few tricks on just how easy it is to create a photo that is album ready and that takes you right back to your favorite places that you have been.

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

Aaron Siskind

Like that quote? It is my very favorite, I hang it on my classroom walls but it reminds me regularly that photography, especially, can bring you right back to a moment in your life. Click below to download this simple quote as a printable file for free! You can also make it an instagram post or the background to your phone.

Don’t forget to include people in your photos

Years ago my father gave me some really great advice as I embarked on my own travel journeys. He reminded me that many years later when I look back at a photo of a “place” that I might not remember it very well if it didn’t have a person in it. So although I take many landscape style photos, I also always remember to photograph the people I am with (including myself) so that my memory of the places becomes that much more specific of a memory.

Lake Moraine :: Canada
Research your locations

This above photo, for example, was taken at Lake Moraine in Banff National Park in Canada. I made sure I knew exactly what parking lot to go to because all of Lake Moraine is stunning, but this view was important for me. On the day we visited this lake it was actually partially raining in this photo and I was waiting for the perfect moment to take this shot. I walked up in the rain so there were almost no other people there when the sun poked through and gave us this amazing view with barely anyone else around. Want to know something random and fun? This particular view is often called the “20 dollar view” (because it was the view on the Canadian 20 dollar bill for some time).

Below: My sister and I decided it was very important to see the sun set on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. This was quite a drive from our hotel (close to an hour I think) and so we made the trek and almost had to run from the parking lot to see the sun set over the mountains. 1000% worth it to miss dinner for this amazing view we got together. And yes, I have photos of the two of us up there as well (per my first point).

Yosemite National Park :: Half Dome
What you Need

Want the list of all the things you need? Here’s a super quick one.

  • Crossbody bag to comfortably carry equipment. This is my favorite.
  • Travel camera. I have a mirrorless 4:3 micro Olympus OM-D that is my travel buddy. The lenses are a mere 2 inches long so they are neither heavy or annoying to carry! This is the updated version of my older camera.
  • Flexible travel tripod with bendable legs allows you to place it anywhere (even wrap the legs around a post or tree)
  • Editing software on your phone or tablet to share amazing images. I’m a huge fan of LR for mobile but you can check out this blog post for a few more free options.

That’s pretty much it! This is just my quick guide on how to take amazing photos while traveling. I find having the smaller camera and not having a very obvious bag is the best way to travel with something that will allow me to get great shots but I do not have to have all my crazy gear with me at all times. I like to walk a LOT while traveling so this is the best way to capture my memories that gives me full editing flexibility when I get back home and doesn’t weigh me down while traveling.



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