Well this has been a fantastic first couple of years for The Photo Method, thank you to all of you who are following along, reading, and communicating with me. This is a photography blog for beginners and for newer photo business owners and it has been a pleasure to have a dedicated space to share some of my knowledge in the classroom and beyond. It is tricky to do #allthethings—I am still teaching photography in person, still photographing weddings, still photographing families and seniors, still running this blog. Aaaannnd of course I’m working on more. Always busy over here (I’m sure most of you can relate).

For this first blog post of 2023 I decided to give a little bit of a roundup for you of the readers’ favorite blog posts of 2023, the ones that are really getting the most attention and are fan favorites online. If your a beginner photographer and you’ve just jumped in on reading this blog, this is a great place to start! Want to know why people are looking to these blog posts…check them out!

Top 5 Blog posts via google

This is true information via my google analytics (oooooh I love me a little data). If you are a photographer having your own google analytics will give you a LOT of information on what is resonating with people and what those in your area are searching. For me, these posts are the most searched and most visited blog posts all year. Some of them I was not surprised by, but it looks as though you really like the nitty gritty posts that give you actual direct information. Check these out if you haven’t had a chance yet!

  1. Free Course—Learn Your Camera: I wasn’t surprised that this was #1…because it is 100% free and is a great intro mini course. If you haven’t yet signed up for my free email course on how to get off auto mode on your camera then sign up now! It’s totally free! I give a few great tips if you have never tried to venture off of the green square on your camera and can’t figure out why your iPhone photos look better than your real camera photos (spoiler alert: your camera photos should definitely look better).
  2. The Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps: This one is pretty self explanatory, but if you are looking for a way to edit your photos without investing in more advanced editing software (which I do recommend doing once you are photographing for clients) then this list has the best ones. I asked my students their favorites and these were their recommendations (plus the ones I’ve actually used in the classroom when needed).
  3. Camera Focus Modes: I was so glad this was a really big winner on the list because I can’t tell you how many beginners are confused by their focus modes and keep getting blurry photos simply because their focus mode is set all wrong. Do you know the difference between your camera’s focus mode, focus area, and focus point? If not then this post provides a detailed overview of the different focus modes available on your camera and how to best use them to take stunning photos.
  4. The Only 3 Lenses a Photographer Really Needs: Oh I am so glad this one made the list. I recently changed my own business structure to only offer intimate wedding & elopement coverage (that’s a blog post for another day but I am just in love with tiny weddings) and guess what 3 lenses I pack? Yup, the 35mm, the 50mm, and the 85mm. I can still do all the things with these 3 lenses.
  5. My Go To Portrait Session Workflow: If you are looking for a way to figure out what you should be focusing on when starting your own workflow for portrait sessions (and weddings) this robust post covers all the bases and literally outlines how I have created my workflow using my 17 years as a photo business owner. It covers all the way from downloading to gallery release to final permanent backup of the files. Check it out!

Top 5 Pinterest Posts

Okay, second is the Pinterest yearly roundup. Pinterest is a great spot to find blog posts and photography resources for beginners. Are you not following me on Pinterest yet? I post there almost daily and you can always follow and save some favorite pins to come back to later (Pinterest is probably my favorite). Without further ado…the top favorite pins of this past year.

The Golden Ratio: This post covers a couple of major compositional techniques—the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. Have you heard about the mysterious golden ratio and its power in photography? Do you know the difference between that and the rule of thirds? Check out this post for a quick tip in improving your photo compositions.

Photographer’s Gift Guide: Although I put this out for the holiday season each year, most of these will work all year round. So if you have a photographer or photo enthusiast that you need to buy a little something for (think graduation present, birthday present, or even just because) this list will cover it. I even have a few gifts on here coming in at under $20…for a little something.

Why I No Longer Use Zoom Lenses: This post explains my deliberate and direct decision to stop using zoom lenses in my business. When I made that decision nearly a decade ago, it was likely the biggest change in the way I approach my photography and entirely changed my shooting style.

Steal My Photo Workflow: Plus a free chart! With a free download of my workflow chart + a full post explaining each step, you can easily streamline your photography sessions and gain a better understanding of the entire process. From pre-session planning to post-processing, this workflow chart makes it easy to manage the details of all your projects and ensure the best results.

The Exposure Triangle for Portrait Photographers: If the term “exposure triangle” has always freaked you out I break this down in the easiest, quickest way I can. I have taught the exposure triangle a few times a year for the last nearly 2 decades…so it is as concise and it can possibly be. If you’re freaked out by metering with the exposure triangle this is a very good starting point.

Well that gives you the year-end roundup of the favorite blog posts for photography beginners here at The Photo Method. Again, I am having so much fun writing this blog and love that you are all getting some real use out of it. So feel free to leave a comment, send me an email, ask me anything. You just might find your question as a full length blog post.



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